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Handout: 10 Steps to a Safe Prom
Oregon’s Alcohol Laws and Minors

  1. Tell your child that you want them to have a wonderful, memorable, and safe prom.
  2. Have very specific conversations with your teen about alcohol consumption, driving under the influence, drug use, and sex. Peer pressure often leads teens to use poor judgment before, during and after prom.
  3. If your teen is driving, keep a list of names and phone numbers of each teen rider and their parents. Limit the number of teen passengers to minimize distractions for the driver.
  4. Tell your child that they must be driven by someone who has not used alcohol or other drugs.
  5. Get a complete itinerary for the evening, including whom they will be with, where they’ll be going after the prom and the phone numbers where you can contact them.
  6. Find out who will be supervising the prom and after-parties. Be sure to speak directly with any parents supervising after-parties your teen wishes to attend.
  7. Consider arranging specific check-in times, and make sure you can contact your teen throughout the entire night.
  8. Talk to your teen about how they would handle difficult situations such as being offered a ride by an intoxicated driver, being offered alcohol or drugs, or being pressured to have sex. Be sure to provide parental instruction on how to deal with problems that may arise.
  9. Consider volunteering to assist in supervising the prom or after-parties your teen will attend, which will help ensure there are enough responsible adults watching over the partygoers.
  10. Have someone in the home wait up until your teen arrives back home safely.