Harrisburg student designs problem gambling billboard

Harrisburg Student, Olivia Noll designs problem gambling billboard.

Olivia Noll stands by the problem gambling billboard she provided artwork for.
Olivia Noll, Harrisburg Middle School Students, and one of three billboards for which she provided artwork about problem gambling.  

Alex Paul, The Linn County Reporter, Linn County, Oregon

Harrisburg Middle School student, Olivia Noll, is one of five Linn County middle school students to receive recognition for their art in the 2022-23 Problem Gambling Art Search sponsored by Linn County Problem Gambling Prevention Program. 

As the winner, Olivia’s art is currently being utilized in a billboard campaign to raise awareness of problem gambling in Oregon. Her art is on three billboards throughout Linn County that encourage individuals that choose to gamble to set a time and money limit. 

Olivia, 12 and in the sixth grade at Harrisburg Middle School, said she has been interested in art since she was nine-years-old. She likes water colors the best, but her billboard drawing was made with colored markers. 

She said the scene depicts an ATM machine tempting a person with more money than wanted, which could lead to more gambling. 

She said the concept, “Just came to me.” 

Olivia is the daughter of Bonnie and Robert Noll of rural Harrisburg. She has three siblings, Abe, 16, Carlie, 9, and Ava, 4. 

In addition to art, she enjoys wrestling. 

Although most adults who gamble do not develop a problem, in Oregon an estimated 2.6 percent of adults experience moderate or serious problems with gambling (Oregon Health Authority). Gambling becomes problematic when it continues despite personal, social, or financial consequences. For each person with a serious problem, many others may be affected (family, friends and community). 

While many concerns exist, there is hope. Problem gambling can be prevented, and many resources are available for Oregon residents including prevention, intervention, and treatment resources. Visit OPGR.org for more information. In Oregon problem gambling treatment is free and confidential for individuals or their family members. Call: 1-877- MYLIMIT, text: 503-713-6000 or chat at OPGR.org